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Operations Management 5

Job production: architects, tailors and dressmakers and wedding cake makers.

Each product or service provided is aiming to satisfy the particular needs of one customer ­ one-off
products or services allow customers special requirements to be met ­ production costs can be high.
It is often a…

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Computerised stock control programs find out:

How much of a product is in stock?

How old is this stock?

Which are the fastest moving items of stock and which are the slowest?

Advantages include:

Automatic stock control, triggering orders when the reorder stock level is reached.
Bar coding systems which…

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Workers can be reluctant to change and accept new ways as they fear they will lose their

Quality of UK banks would be measured by:

The speed taken to answer call.
Queuing times in branches.
The number of account errors made.
The quality of financial advice given.

The advantages…

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Goods and services sold to consumers must be as described by the business.
They must be fit for purpose.
Goods and services must be of satisfactory quality.

Consumer protection act 1987:

Compensation must be paid to a consumer who suffers injury or damage to property when
correctly using the good.…

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Websites may not be frequently updated.
Goods cannot be tried on or tested before purchase.
They might not respond quickly and there is no personal contact with sales staff.

Benefits of internet towards the business:

Quite cheap to set up even if business owners cannot design a webpage themselves.

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Job production: making one off specialised products for each customer.

Batch production: groups of identical items that pas through different stages of the production
process at the same time.

Operational efficiency: producing goods and services to an acceptable standard with as few
resources a possible to keep costs per unit…

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