Flow of Financial Documents

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  • Flow of Financial Documents
    • 6. Statement
      • State what has been paid and what has yet to be paid. It is sent every month.
    • 1. Purchase Order
      • Given to the seller, containing what the buyer wants to purchase, the quantity and the agreed price
    • 2. Delivery Note
      • Sent by the seller with the goods to state what has been sent
    • 3. Goods Received Note
      • Created by the buyer and kept to keep track of stock
    • 4. Invoice
      • Sent by the seller stating what has to be paid. The buyer is given 30- 60 days to pay
    • 5. Credit Note
      • Sent by the seller if there has been an error stating that they will give a refund
    • 7. Remittance Advice & Check
      • This is sent by the buyer saying what is being paid and is accompanied by the payment.
    • 8. Receipt
      • This is sent to show that the payment has been recieved
  • Order
    • Purchase Order
      • Delivery Note
        • Goods Received Note
          • Invoice
            • Credit Note
              • Statement
                • Remittance Advice & Cheque
                  • Reciept


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