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People in Business 4
When to recruit new workers:

When the business expands as it has more customers.
When an existing worker leaves or is dismissed and needs to be replaced.

Advantages of recruiting full time workers:

Fewer staff in total will be needed as they work more hours per…

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5. Interviews ­ asking the worker questions.

Advantages of external recruitment:

New ideas and skills may be brought into the business which internal applicants may not have.
The selection process will have many more applicants than when using internal recruitment so
the standard of applicant would be high.
It does…

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All businesses must ensure that they have the right insurance against injuries to employees.
Employees also have the right to things such as sick pay, maternity, or paternity leave, holiday's and
so on.


1. Advertise in a way that encourages applicants from all sectors of society.
2. Pay at…


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