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People in Business 4
When to recruit new workers:
When the business expands as it has more customers.
When an existing worker leaves or is dismissed and needs to be replaced.
Advantages of recruiting full time workers:
Fewer staff in total will be needed as they work more hours per week.
Lower recruitment and training costs.
Easier to manage and control fewer staff.
Workers may feel more secure and motivated having a full time job and earning more money
than if they worked part time.
If a worker has two separate part time jobs they may have divided loyalties this should not
be a problem for full time workers.
Advantages of part time workers:
The number of customers may not justify a full time worker so a part time worker saves on
Two workers may be more flexible than one full time worker e.g. may be able to cover for
Part time workers can be asked to work just at busy times of the day or week. This could
lead to better customer service and a competitive advantage.
Some workers may prefer part time employment for example if they have children to look
Recruitment stages:
1. Job description ­ they need to decide on what kind of work they want the employer to do.
2. Person specification ­ need to decide on what kind of person there looking for.
3. Advertise the job vacancy ­ job adverts need to include- job title ­ what the job involves ­
pay ­ hours ­ where the job is - company name ­how to apply.
Personal recommendation ­ workers recommended by other employees, family or friends of the
business owner, business colleagues
Good because their skill are known, loyalty and trust. Their also well known by people.
4. Shortlist candidates ­ the owner then chooses the best few people to interview. This can be
decided by:
The strength of the personal recommendations.
The details given on the application form.
Past experience, skills and qualifications of the applicants- All of these would have
been detailed on each applicants CV which is a summary of an applicant's education
and jobs to date.

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Interviews ­ asking the worker questions.
Advantages of external recruitment:
New ideas and skills may be brought into the business which internal applicants may not have.
The selection process will have many more applicants than when using internal recruitment so
the standard of applicant would be high.
It does not create another vacancy in the business which then has to be filled.
Internal promotion can cause jealousy amongst current workers who may have wanted the
job but were not offered it.…read more

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All businesses must ensure that they have the right insurance against injuries to employees.
Employees also have the right to things such as sick pay, maternity, or paternity leave, holiday's and
so on.
1. Advertise in a way that encourages applicants from all sectors of society.
2. Pay at least the minimum wage for certain age groups.
3. Offer a written contact stating the workers' rights and responsibilities.
4. Select the best person for the job without discriminating anyone.
5.…read more


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