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Sitz Im Leben 2: Literally translates to `Life Situations'. Sitz Im Leben 2 is the Early Christians. It had the sayings and stories of Jesus. The sayings were
pronounced stories, legal sayings, Christological sayings and parables. The Stories were miracles, legends, myths and passion narratives
Pericope: Individual Units of the Bible referred to as units of oral tradition
Hermann Gunkel K.L.…read more

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Bornkamm (Tradition and Interpretation in Matthew): Matthew's theology may have been related to Jewish/ Jewish Christian concerns. Refers to Jesus
much more in terms of a Jewish Messiah `Son of David' and the `New Moses'. His Gospel was divided into 5 main teaching blocks with parallels to the Torah.
Jesus' teaching is seen as replacing the old law ­ Replacement Theology. Matthew emphasises the fact Jesus fulfils the Old Testament prophecy.
Wrede (Messianic Secret): First redaction critic linked with Mark's Gospel.…read more


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