Meaning and historical accuracy of the gospel resurrection narratives


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  • Meaning and historical accuracy of the gospel resurrection narratives
    • easily mispelt technical word
      • crucifixion
      • resurrection
      • narrative
        • Could also say account
    • Meaning
      • The constant mention of the Sabbath show's Jesus was truly dead
      • Where gospels are thoroughly different, additions may have been made for evangelistic purposes
        • E.g, Matthew putting forward Jewish apologetic
          • Reflect evangelist purpose
      • Luke emphasizes the role of poor and women
      • Luke and Matthew have various encounters with the risen jesus
    • KEY IDEA
      • Some material shared, some isn't
    • Empirical evidence tells us the stories are untrue
      • We don't see people being resurrected
        • We do see mentally ill people thinking people are resurrected
      • BUT
        • The gospels are at pairs to treat Jesus' resurrection as unique
      • argued strenuously against the miracles of the new testament
        • Can't trust superstitious people to give truthful accounts
    • Gospels have no purpose without resurrection as the ending
    • An argument that the whole purpose of the bible is to prove that God is good, favors life and not death
    • What about the disciples and beginning of the christian church?
      • If his disciples have been left with a buried dead jesus, why would they risk their life saying he was resurrected
      • It'd be bizarre if everyone went to so much effort if Jesus just died
      • What if the disciples were mistaken
    • Why bother writing gospel if you didn't believe it


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