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A Neurotransmitter is released
into the synapse, caused by an
action potential.....…read more

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An impulse arrives
and causes a wave of
polarisation (action
potential) in the
neuron.…read more

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Impulse Potential
Positive ions in the
neuron cause vesicles
to migrate to and fuse
Vesicle with the pre synaptic
membrane.…read more

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Neurotransmitters are released into
the synapse and it diffuses across to
the post synaptic cleft, with the
neurotransmitter binding to the
receptors to continue the pathway.…read more

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Mode of Action of Heroin
Glutamate: naturally
Heroin: is an opiate occurring
neuro- occurring neurotransmitter
Antagonist for GABA transmitter
(increases neural firing)
(slows down
neural firing)
Heroin fools the cell to give GABA works with Because heroin has
lots of dopamine into the glutamate to maintain blocked the GABA
synapse, causing a feeling homeostasis in the body. It receptor, Glutamate,
of exhilaration. It binds to slows down firing where as which increases neural
the GABA receptor on the Glutamate speeds firing up. firing, will continue to be
post synaptic cleft. The Too little GABA can lead to produced, however as it
receptor thinks its GABA, Neural diseases such as hasn't got GABA to
so carries on as normal, Obsessive Compulsive balance it out, there is an
however because the Disorder and Anxiety. incorrect amount of
Heroin inhibits the Glutamate. Too much
receptor, there is not The dopamine inhibitors are Glutamate can cause
enough GABA in the blocked, so dopamine floods the aggression and other
system, and a huge synapse and produces feelings issues.
amount of dopamine. of sedation and well being.…read more

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Heroin (opiate)
Heroin (which is an
opiate) enters the
neuron.…read more

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