nazi voters

summary of who voted for the nazis

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Nazi party by 1932 -13,745,000 voters making 37.3% of electorate ­ majority
Who voted for the nazi party?
Geography - Nazi support highest in north and east Germany from north German plain to east
Prussia to Schleswig-Holstein. Lowest in south and west
Did better in rural areas and residential suburbs than in industrial cities were the vote is lower
Denomination ­ catholic = less likely to vote nazi protestant =morelikely to vote nazi
there were a few exceptions o fcourse ie the catholic industrial Silesia voted nazi due to boder land
being given to poles ­ nationalist passions
Class ­ peasants and farmers, mittelstand (lower middle class eg craftsmen, shopkeepers) and
established middle classes (teachers, white collar workers, public employers) tended to vote for the
Although working class joined nazi party in smaller proportions they still had largest section in party
and they may have largely voted for Nazis but did not join to same measures
The appeal of Nazism
Resistance of Catholicism/socialism-
both opposed nazi's on an intellectual/ideological basis
both organisations were strong and counter acted nazi propaganda ­ socialists had trade
unions ­ catholics had parish priests
both catholics and socialists had suffered in imperial Germany as a result commitment to the
party was strong ­ Nazis found it difficult to break these loyalties, whereas protestants,
farmers and middle class did not have such bonds
the `politics of anxiety'
many of nazi voters had little or no faith in the Weimar democracy but favoured the traditional roles
and status in society which they viewed as being under threat. Hitler offered an escape from wiemar
to return to pre war state
T.Childers ­ the Nazi voter ­ "the NSDAP had become a uniqe phenomenon in german electoral
politics, a catch all party or protest, whose constituents, while drawn primarily from the middle class
electorate were united above all by a profound contempt for the existing political and
economic system"
Youth ­ the young had been hit hard by the depression due to the pre war baby boom coming of
age at the time it hit meaning they went without work for the majority. 61% of 20 ­ 30 who became
members of political parties joined the nazi's ­ young filled ranks of SA saw Nazism as a change and
gave them something to do. Young not only voted for Nazi's but became actively involved.

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Nazism: the people's party
Despite the generalisations of the Nazi coter they stil had the broadest cross section of supporters
and were not limited by region, religion or class ties. So by 32 the NSDAP had became germenys first
volkspartei (peoples party). Hitler had succedded in appealing to all sections of german society
however the protestants, rural and middle classes more so.…read more


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