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Hayley Marjolin…read more

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Contents of Natural Law
· Natural Law glossary
· Thomas Aquinas
· Purpose of humans
· Eternal law
· Divine Law
· Precepts (Primary and secondary)
· Real and apparent goods
· Proportionalists
· Doctrine of Double effect and weaknesses
· Strengths and weaknesses of Natural Law…read more

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Natural Law Glossary
· Eudaimonia- devised by Aristotle (NOT
AQUINAS) the belief that humans aim for
some goal or purpose.
· Precepts- laws to which we can fulfil our
human purpose
· Proportionalists- they believe in the lesser of
two evils…read more

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Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
· Was greatly influenced by teachings of
· He argued that God created the world
with a purpose and Aquinas believed this
was the final cause of everything that has
or is in existence.
· He said we should achieve our
Eudaimonia from Aristotle (human
flourishing) through reason.
· This is what Natural Law is!!!!
· Natural Law is a deontological theory as it
is concerned with the actions rather than
the outcomes.…read more

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Purpose of Humans
· For Aquinas Humans were made in the image
of God (Imago dei) and so it must be he that
created such perfection.
· However, Aquinas believed that this was not
possible to achieve in this life but the next.
· He believed that there are reflections of
Natural Law revealed by:…read more

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Eternal Law
· The principles by which God made and controls
the Universe and which only God knows
completely. We only have a partial
understanding of the laws which govern the
Universe.…read more

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