Natural Law 

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  • Natural Law
    • weaknesses
      • Natural Law contradicts christian teachings.
      • Vardy suggested that Aquinas' view on human nature was too simplistic
      • Barth believed that it is too reliant on reason and humans are too corrupt to be trusted.
      • Kai Neilson has argued that the different moral standards and cultural relativism challenges the idea of natural law
      • Some protestants oppose Natural Law on the grounds that it undermines the belief that salvation comes from God's grace, not from keeping moral laws.
      • Natural Law would suggest that you have a right to self presevation
      • Aquinas said **** was less serious than masterbation because at least in the case of **** the genetalia are being used for their proper purpose and conception may result.
    • strengths
      • The Roman Catholic church still accepts Aquinas' Natural Law theory in relation to sexual ethics.
      • Natural Law can be both for religious and non religious people as Aquinas believed that acting reasonably and acting as a christian are the same things
      • Natural Law is based on reason. It is not based on feelings, but on what the mind thinks is natural, according to a rational process.
      • Natural Law allows people to be flexible. primary precepts are absolute moral rules, however, secondary precepts allow us to make natural law a more flexible way.
      • Natural Law is clear cut and straight forward. it doesnt require us to look at individual situations in order to see what is right or wrong.
      • It is easily adaptable to the modern world
      • It is universal as most people would agree with the preservation of life, education and having a ordered society


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