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Effects and Processors

A standard volume control will change the volume of the whole audio signal. A
filter lets some of the audio signal through without changing it, but it will cut
or boost the signal level of a specific frequency range. An electrical circuit that
emphasizes or eliminates…

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Notch Filters
Is a band pass filter with a very high Q value (A narrow bell curve) that is used
to cut out a particular frequency. It would often be used in location recording
to eliminate hum at a specific frequency.

Shelving Filters
Similar to LPF'S and HPF's as they…

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Digital reverb-Artificial reverb became more controllable with new
technology. As technology advanced and became mass-produced,
compact digital units replaced the plates and springs used. Different
spaces could be emulated by adjusting parameters of the digital reverb
Pre-Delay- time between the original sound and the 1st reflection. This can give…

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been integral to the sound of rock and roll music, and is important to other
music genres such as electric blues and jazz.

Delay is an audio effect which records an input signal to an audio storage
medium, and then plays it back after a period of time.The delayed…

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communicate together.


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