Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Case Study

Mount Nyiragongo is a unique volcano and so makes a very good case study that makes you "stand out"

The powerpoint has causes, response, impacts but for even more details, search up the "Mount Nyiragongo Notes" as I used the powerpoint to complement the notes :)

Hopes this helps...... 

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Mount Nyiragongo
Eruption: January 17 2002…read more

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Cause of Eruption
Mount Nyiragongo lies on the African Rift Valley where
the African continental plate is being wrenched apart,
and microquakes constantly shake the volcano.
The African Rift Valley is one of two on the Earth
within continental crust.
There were new cracks in the inner walls of the
Nyiragongo crater following the 7 October 2001
earthquake caused by the rifting of the African Plate
(The Nubian and Somalian sub-plates).…read more

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Causes and dangers
The chemical composition of the Nyiragongo lava is unusual
containing very little silica (usually composite volcanoes have high silica content).
This makes it highly fluid and capable of flowing at speeds
up to 60mph, reaching Goma.
Very fluid alkaline magma rose up through the gap created
by the rifting causing the lava flow…read more

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Draw your OWN!
Cracks on the inner walls due to
earlier earthquakes
Asthenosphere The movement of the continental
plates because of the convection
currents in the mantle…read more

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Response and Impacts
Prediction of volcano very basic due to rebels and in
general people stealing the equipment
Warnings were sent of volcano eruption but people not
properly warned or evacuated because the three
different lava streams made it difficult to predict flow
Initially about 45 deaths said the UN but toll increased to
about 147 due to inhalation of dangerous fumes as well
as the looters at petrol station being blown up…read more

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Responses and impacts
One of the lava streams that went to Goma cut the city
in half, burnt 1/3 of the main airport and so eventually
destroyed 20% of the city destroyed
People's livelihoods lost, great economic impact as
agricultural land destroyed, but then again in the long
term eruption should bring even more fertile soil and so
better crops?
The other stream of lava went into Lake Kivu, their main
water supply so possibly dangers and people have to
sometimes boil the water now if warned to…read more

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