everything you need to know about the mormons

all key points listed

more detail shown on bbc bitesize if needed

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· started in New York
· 1831 ­ Kirtland ­ attraction: new start reason for leaving: banks
collapsed, economic depression, driven out
· 1837 ­ Missouri ­ attraction: few people lived there reason for
leaving: attacked, extermination order
· 1839 ­ Nauvoo ­ swamp area, most settlers avoided reason for
leaving: hated by locals, polygamy, Smith killed in a mob 1844
· 1847 ­ Great Salt Lake ­ attraction: uninhabited
Why The Mormons Were Hated:
· polygamy
· cut themselves off from other people
· afraid of growing numbers, that they'd take over
· low social class
· encouraged slaves
Why They Moved To Salt Lake:
· xescape nonmormons (gentiles)
· gentiles persecuted them
· government persecuted them
· extermination order
· Brigham Young's influence ­ firm believer, good organiser, appointed
by god to lead them, told mormons it was 'the promised land'
Problems + Solutions on Journey West:
· poorly prepared ­ mobs looted mormons work shops
Young sent pioneer band first
· the journey ­ stormy weather, tiring
had to endure
· organisation ­ accidents, break downs, mouldy food, fever, lack of
medical facilities
Young taught them how to manage a wagon train + how to
defend themselves from night attack
· faint hearts ­ some mormons didn't like salt lake
Young said 'if there's a place on this earth that no one
wants, that's the place I am looking for'


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