The Mormons in the East

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  • Mormon Problems in the East
    • Kirtland, Ohio 1831
      • Smith claimed to be a prophet. He told his people they were God's chosen people. Non-Mormons didn't trust Smith.
        • Bank crash in 1837. Non Mormons believed their money was safe as it was in the hands of God. Money was lost and the Mormons were driven out
          • Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered
        • They built a temple which fell into disrepair
    • Missouri 1837
      • It was a slave state and the Mormons were against slavery.
        • Rumour that the Mormons would ask the Indians for help.
      • It was an area were few people lived
      • Mormons were friendly to Indians
      • Mormons were attacked by Mobs and ordered to leave by Governor Boggs
    • Nauvoo Illinois 1839
      • Was a swamp area that settler's avoided
      • Hated by Locals. Smith got  a vision about polygamy. Locals scared about rising numbers of Mormons
      • Smith Ran for president. Killed by angry Mob in Jail in 1844. Printing press destroyed


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