Models of Abnormality

A table, with all key points, research, treatments and strengths and weaknesses.

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Model of Key Assumptions Relevant Treatment and Strengths Limitations
abnormality support therapies
Biological Psychological Study of Drugs. Eg Greater Inconclusive
disorders are anorexia in Prozac, treats understanding evidence.
caused or at least Mono-zygotic depression by due to Abnormality likely
affected by (100% identical0 increasing advances in bio to be more
biological factors and Di-zygotic serotonin chemistry and complex than just a
such as (50% identical) n-transmitter genetics. biological
neurotransmitter twins. Mz twins Chlorpromazine- issue.(environment
imbalance&geneti showed 55% antipsychotic Seen as more Cause and effect-
c inheritance. concordance -treats humane than which causes
Diathesis-stress where as Dz schizophrenia other models, which?
model- disorder showed 7%. decreases treats Treatment seen as
caused by Shows dopamine. abnormality as unethical and
interaction interaction ECT- electric an illness. No ineffective. Eg
between between genes currents past blame. drugs cause side
environment & and environment through brain. effects.
condition (genes) can cause
Psychodynam Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis- Has been seen Open to bias as
ic developed model. free association, as effective- heavily relies on
Believed we had a dream analysis Freud's cases analyst's
Id, Ego and Super etc. Tried to usually lasted interpretation.
Ego in our mind. bring repressed only a few (unscientific)
Id- eros & thanatos material from weeks.
(create and unconscious to How much good
destroy) Super conscious Was more does bringing
ego- ideal & mind(catharsis). optimistic than represses content
angelic Transference- earlier 20th to the conscious
Ego- balances and taking out century actually do?
controls the 2. repressed psychiatry.
Abnormality feeling towards Can take a long
caused by others( eg Doesn't use time and
repression and family) on the drug, ECT... for expensive.
other ego analyst. treatment.
Behavioural Abnormal Classical) Token economy- Critical of Has been criticised
behaviour is learnt -Watson and patient get lots biological for being a very
through Rosalie Rayner. of `tokens' model. Rejects simplistic and
conditioning (1920) Boy aged when behaving view that narrow view of
principles, by 11 months well that build normality and human behaviour.
natural played with rat up to a reward. abnormality Lots of lab
contingencies that happily. One day Works quickly are sharply experiments have
exist in when he went to but is fragile, distinct. been on
environment. If we play with rat not long term. Is critical of animals-can it
change outward they made a Systematic psychodynamic really apply to
behaviour problem loud noise which desensitisation- too. humans?
will cease to exist. scared him. He Gradually Behaviourists Some treatment
Behaviour can be then became expose claim approach only has limited
changed scared of rat. someone to fear is scientific. short-term effects.
deliberately by Operant- Skinner in a relaxed Claim support Critics say it
altering the showed environment, from a vast ignores underlying
contingencies that behaviour is range of causes (fails to

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Implosion evidence from provide adequate
patterns of positive therapy- Expose lab explanation for
behaviour. reinforcement person to worst experiment. disorders.
(treats etc) used fear quickly, Treatment Treatment can be
Pigeons. after adrenaline doesn't use seen as unethical.
rush , euphoria . drugs, no side Aversion/implosio
effects. n
Model of Key assumptions Relevant Treatment and Strengths Limitations
Abnormality support therapies
Cognitive Assumes that Temple-Wisconsi Cognitive Successful Cause and effect-
people's thoughts n's longitudinal therapy.…read more


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