Abnormality/individual differences key words

these are definitions of the key words for the indivual difference topic for psychology paper 2.

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is defined as "deviating from what is normal or usual".

Normal=conforming to a standard of some sort

abnormalit is relative to time place context and socially defined.

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failure to function adequately

a model of abnormality based on the incapablilty to cope with day to day life caused by psychological distress or discomfort.

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statistical infrequency

abnormal=behaviour that is statistically uncommon

strenghts=used to diagnose retardation / less effected by value judgement

weaknesses= doesn't distinguish between desirable/ undesirable behaviour

                      rare behvaiour isn't always abnormal

                      gender biased=what should be the cut off point

                      cultural differences.

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deviation from the social norm

this is behaviour that does not follow socially accepted patterns. these unwritten rules are culturally and time relative.

people who break the norms may be labelled as abnormal.

strengths: can explain why a personn may find someone else  behaviour as abnormal.

indicates what is desirable and what is undesirable.

weaknesses= vary over time/ does not confomring to social norms mean you are abnormal.

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