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Mississippi River
MEDC Case Study…read more

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Location and Background
· Longest river in the USA
· Flows through 10 states
· 3800km long
· Has 100 major distributaries
· Flows from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico
· Drainage basin covers 1/3 of the USA…read more

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Other Floods
· 217 people died in the 1927 flood.
· The natural levees of sand and silt built up on
the banks of the river were not enough as the
river was thought to be "untameable".
· The water level was already higher than the
height of the levees.…read more

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Flood Prevention Schemes
· Numerous schemes have been implemented but
few have made a drastic enough difference.…read more

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Why did it flood?
· It is prone to flooding as the volume of water
flows above the level of the flood plain and
natural levees. Also, the 100+ distributaries
make it more vulnerable.…read more

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Why did it flood?
· Increased demand for what are now necessities e.g.
central heating had led to an enlarged amount of fossil
fuels burnt thus more greenhouse gases in the
atmosphere ­ unpredictable weather
· Decomposition of waste tips ­ rise in temperature ­ rise
in sea levels.
· Urban sprawl
· Deforestation
· Straightening/shortening the channel.…read more

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