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Mind as a tabula rasa…read more

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The mind is void of all
characters without any
ideas- it is a tabula rasa!
Yes, I agree. Our ideas are
copies of original sense
impressions. A blind man
has no notion of colour
because he has never
experienced it.…read more

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I have ideas about things I
have not experienced. I can
imagine a golden mountain
even though I have no
experience of it!
You are simply combining two
simple ideas "gold" and
"mountain", both of which you
have experienced to make a
complex idea such as the golden
mountain. Think of a totally
original idea which has no
parallels to things you have
experienced. I dare you.
A UNICORN!…read more

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Not so original after all...…read more

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Yeah ok fine.. But how can
you claim that blind men
have notion of colour when
you've never experienced
being blind.
....…read more

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Until our ideas are confirmed by sense
impressions, the reality that our ideas
depict will lack the clarity and precision
of the sense impressions themselves.
In order to reach greater clearness we
need to produce impressions from
which ideas are copied.
Unless a proposed idea can be tied
to experience, then explaining it or
talking about it produces merely
empty words. Words without
reference to experience are
senseless because they signify no
idea. Without the corresponding
idea words would be meaningless.…read more

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