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(1963)…read more

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Obedience can be defined as complying
with the demands of others, particularly
those in positions of authority
Milgram wanted to know how civilised
Germans could execute millions of
innocent people during the second world
war…read more

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The Germans are different hypothesis stated that
Germans have a basic character deficit which means
they have the readiness to obey people in authority,
regardless of the act they are being asked to carry
Milgram's study was an attempt to test `The
Germans are different' hypothesis…read more

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To investigate what level of obedience
would be shown when participants
were told by an authority figure to
administer electric shocks to another
person…read more

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Controlled Observation
In Lab Setting
The sessions were also filmed
Notes were taken by observers through an
observation mirror
The latency and duration of shocks were times
Standardised procedure
Took place at Yale Univeristy…read more

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Milgram created a phoney SHOCK VOLTS
shock generator Slight 15 ­ 60
30 switches Moderate 75 ­ 120
Each switch increased by 15 Volts Strong 135 ­ 180
Ranged from 15 - 450 Volts Very Strong 195 ­ 240
It had buzzers, flashing lights
Intense 255 ­ 300
and moving dials
Extremely 315 ­ 360
Danger 375 ­ 420
XXX 450…read more

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