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Blues Music

Blues Music Key features

Created by slaves in South America in early 20th century

Acoustic instruments

Blues scale= Flattened 3rd + 7th (+5th) <--- Blue notes

                      2nd + 6th left out

Minor 3rd, Tone, Semitone, Semitone, Minor 3rd, Tone

Swung quavers + Syncopation

12-bar blues= 12 bars. Chords 1, 4 + 5

3 line verses

Call and response

Comping= Short for accompanying


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All Blues from Kind of Blue- Miles Davies

Miles Davies is American.               Released in 1959.           Recorded in 1 take.

Mf throughout.        In 6/4.      Melody is characterised by rising 6ths.    Swung quavers + Syncopation

Harmon muted trumpet, ghost notes + rests in solos create mellow timbre

Simple texture.                      In G with flattened 7th but call it Mixolydian mode- Modal jazz.

12-bar blues- 1 sequence is called a chorus.            Augmented 9th used in comping chords.

Trumpet- Miles Davis, Alto sax- 'Cannonball' Adderley, Tenor sax- John Coltrane (frontline instruments), Piano (Tremolo at start. Has short solo), double bass (pizz. throughout) + drums (uses brushes at start)

Intro-  8 bars, Head 1- 32 bars, Improv. solo sections, Head 2- 32 bars, Coda- 12 bars

4-bar riff in parallel 3rds that separates each section.

Trumpet solo lasts for 4 choruses- syncopated motifs. Alto sax solo lasts 4 choruses- wider range, virtuostic. Tenor sax solo lasts 4 choruses- quick runs, very virtuostic. Piano solo lasts 2 choruses- calmer, leads into parallel chords.

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