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What is a midwife?
· A midwife is a person who is trained to assist a woman
during childbirth
· They attend the birth, and provide help, advice and drugs
to support the mother through the labour
· Midwives advise expectant mother's about diet and
lifestyle during routine check-up's (they would suggest
that women stop smoking, drinking alcohol and check
with a doctor when taking medication)…read more

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Antenatal appointments
· During check-ups, a midwife will check blood pressure,
weight and BMI, and would give advice on a healthy
lifestyle. A midwife may also check urine for protein, take
blood and do an ultrasound scan
· Most women have 10 antenatal appointments if they
have a uncomplicated pregnancy
· At 36 weeks, the midwife will palpate (or feel) the bump
to see what position the baby is in…read more

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· Women go to the hospital to see the midwife when they
go into labour
· The midwife assesses the baby's heartbeat, does an
examination to see how dilated the cervix is and checks
blood pressure throughout the labour
· They also administer pain relief, and help the mother
find a comfortable position during labour…read more


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