The Work of Mendel

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  • The Work of Mendel
    • He carried out his work in the 19th century
    • He carried out breeding experiments on plants
    • He made three important conclusions:
      • Characteristics are determined by hereditary 'units'
      • The units are passed on unchanged from both parents (one from each).
      • The units can be dominant or recessive- If an individual has both the dominant and recessive allele the dominant will show.
    • The importance of his work was only understood after his death.
      • This was because people at the time didn't understand his findings.
      • In the late 1800's scientists discovered chromosomes
        • This led to the idea that his 'units' worked in the same way to chromosomes.
          • This led to the idea that his 'units' changed their name to genes.
      • In 1953 the structure of DNA was discovered which allowed scientists to discover how genes work


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