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Metamorphic Rocks
Table of Contents

1. Keywords and Definitions
2. Names
3. Processes
4. Features
5. Other
6. Uses

Keywords and Definitions
The following are common words that have to do with metamorphic rocks.

The action of weather on rocks causing them to break up.

The wearing away…

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· Gneiss contains large mineral grains that are ordered into wide bands



It has thin layering in it made up of minerals


Marble contains coarse interlocking grains made of calcite. It isnt foliated, or split into
separate sheets. As it is found…

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· Slate is fine-grained, flat rock

Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that is foliated, and found in sheets. It derived
from a sedimentary rock that changed to slate through low grade metamorphism. It
is grey in color.


Contains tight, interlocking medium grains composed of quartz


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Metamorphic rocks are sometimes valued for the minerals found inside. The minerals
found in the metamorphic rock depends on its parent rock, but sometimes new minerals
may form in the metamorphic rock as ins move around.

Marble is used to make floor tiles, counter tops, and is carved into…

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Metamorphic rocks

Question:- Describe how fossils are formed. State where in HK these rocks can
be found.


There are a lot of methods of how fossils are formed, the most common one is
once a animal or plant dies it falls to the ground, then it is covered…

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lisa linsdell


Nice notes on the structure and uses of Metamorphic rocks. Includes a good question on the formation of fossils.  Have a go at answering it before scrolling up to see answer given.

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