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Meiosis And Mitosis…read more

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Mitosis Mitosis What a wonderful stage It's so easy to describe
Because it justs makes two nuclei's.
Chromosomes coil up and become condensed You think it's a maze But
it's only prophase.
Is the nucleus clear? Can you see it appear? You are absolutely right
It's starting to disappear.
They start to move to the middle of the cell Click clock click clock To
the sound of the bell.
Centriole pushes it to the middle It pushes and pushes Like the sound of
the fiddle.
Can you see any haze? No! Because this is called metaphase.
Chromosomes start to split up Strands of fiber push them towards
opposite poles This never could have happened If the stands had any
This process had me crazed Until I found out it was Anaphase.
Chromosomes are on the opposite side of the cell Two nucleus form As
you have now learned on this sheet Mitosis is complete.
When Mitosis ends Cytokinesis begins. Cytoplasm of the cell is pinched
in half DNA uncondenses Like you had never lost your five senses.
Chromosomes disappears You don't have to fear Because Cytokinesis is
Mitosis Mitosis With only two daughters Gives off 2n to their offspring
And later to others.
They reproduce and divide on their own What better way to do it?
Definitely not on the phone.
The stages of mitosis was very cool Farewell and goodbye Till another
cycle passes through.…read more

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MITOSIS!!…read more

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· Interphase DNA has replicated, but has not formed the condensed
structure of chromosome. They remain as loosely coiled chromatin.
· The nuclear membrane is still intact to protect the DNA molecules
from undergoing mutation.
· Prophase The DNA molecules progressively shorten and condense by
coiling, to form chromosomes. The nuclear membrane and nucleolus
are no longer visible.
· The spindle apparatus has migrate to opposite poles of the cell.
Metaphase The spindle fibres attach themselves to the centromeres of
the chromosomes and align the chromosomes at the equatorial
Anaphase The spindle fibres shorten and the centromere splits,
separated sister chromatids. are pulled along behind the
Telophase The chromosomes reach the poles of their respective
spindles. Nuclear envelope reform before the chromosomes uncoil.
The spindle fibres disintegrate…read more

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Meiosis is one of the processes for a cell to chose When it
wants to reproduce.
Meiosis does twice the work So it requires a lot more force
The first step is interphase Here is where the DNA duplicates
After duplicating, prophase comes in action Then the cell gives
off a reaction.
The DNA condense And start to produce chromosomes with
Here comes metaphase, Three steps behind interphase
Chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell Hoping that
reproduction will excel
The fourth step is anaphase Where the chromosome copies
In telophase the nuclear envelope forms Cause the spindle
fibers to disappear
Once the fibers disappear the nucleus becomes the nuclei
Making them two, just like human eyes
Meiosis does twice the work Having twice as more
Mitosis forms two nuclei Meiosis forms more When you do the
math, That gives you four.
This isn't where the process ends It just begins again.…read more

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