Mens rea case table and significance

a table with the cases mens rea - intention. WIth the significance of each case :)

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Bethan GoyLaw ­ Criminal Liability10/02/11
Case Explanation Significance
Maloney He was a soldier on leave The judge said that there
who was drinking with his was a foresight of
step-father. They ha a race consequences. He may
to see who could load a not have intended the
gun the fastest. The son outcome but know the
won and pointed it at his outcome before he pulled
father. His father teased the trigger.
him saying he would never Test ­ `natural and
be able to do it and the probable' (measures
son pulled the trigger and foresight of
shot and killed his father. consequences)
Hancock and Shankland They dropped a concrete They used the `natural and
block off a bridge to block probable' test.
the road and stop a taxi It was manslaughter
driving through but because foresight of
instead they hit the taxi consequences is only
and killed the driver. evidence towards
intention and NOT proof
of it.
Nedrick He poured paraffin -2 part test for proving
through the letter box of oblique intention.
the woman's house. He - removes the `natural and
said the intention was to probable test' and
scare them but it killed includes `virtual certainty'.
the young boy inside.
Woolin The father threw his 3 They used the Nedrick
month old baby at the 2part test
pram which then hit the Confirmed `virtual
wall. The child suffered certainty'.
head injuries and died.
Matthews and Alleyne They pushed their victim Confirmed `virtual
from a bridge knowing certainty'.
they couldn't swim. They
watched him head
towards the bank. He then


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