Medicine through time - Exam Techniques

Medicine through time - Exam Techniques

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Section A (50 mins)
a) Inference
Inference - Support from source - examples/explanation
Make sure your inference is relevant to the question focus
Don't do more than 2 inferences
b) Asked to compare first source with a second. (Progress?)
Remember to refer to both sources, even if you end up referring to other
stuff on a). The question may only mention one of the sources, but you will
need the other!
Be very specific in your knowledge.
c) Difference Between Interpretations questions
The question will say something like, "Source C says this but source D says this.
Does this mean source C is wrong?"
So, you have to say which of these explain the difference between the sources:
Make sure you refer to both sources, and ANSWER THE QUESTION! Also, use
your own knowledge to show why the sources might be different.
d) Judgement/summing up questions
These questions will ask your opinion about something. They might give you a
statement and ask if you agree with it or not, or they might ask you how important
a certain factor was.
Specific own
(the 'Sources' and 'Specific own knowledge' columns should be equal!)
Plan in 'magic box' above, to make sure you use all the sources & think about
arguments for and against, and think of some specifics!

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Add a conclusion - make a conclusion & justify it for the top level. And
remember, don't just assume the statement in the question is true - come to
your own, well-supported conclusion.
Section B (20 mins)
In the real exam there will be 2 questions (not in the January exam).
Read both CAREFULLY before choosing which ONE to do.…read more

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Show how some of the factors are linked together.
Reach a decision on the most important reason.
Justify it!
From…read more


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