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Medical physics

Refraction is caused by waves changing direction

Waves slow down they bend towards the normal
Light enters glass/plastic it slows down
Wave hits boundary at 90 not change direction

Total internal reflection depends on the angle of incidence

Less than critical angle- most light is reflected
Critical angle-…

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Power is the rate of doing work

Power= work done/ time taken

Metabolic rate is the rate in which your body uses energy per sec/ min/day/hour

Basal metabolic rate is the rate you burn energy at rest

Tells you the minimum amount of energy needed to keep your body working…

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Intensity of radiation is the rate of which energy arrives at 1m2 of surface

"Rate of energy" is power so....
Intensity = power/area
Sum it up: intensity of radiation is equal to power of radiation divided by the area it falls on

Intensity of radiation depends on distance from source…

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All the mass of the electron have been converted to energy- E=mc2

(Positron Electron Tomography) PET scanning involves Positron/Electron annihilation

Shows organ or tissue function
Better than x-rays, because x-rays shows only structure
1. Shows area of damage tissue in the heart by detecting areas of decrease flow- reveal coronary…

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Miss KHP


This word document is a really nice and simple support document if you need a bit more revision support on the medical physics topic.

Suits Edexcel P3 but other exam board science students may find some elements helpful to their revision if they want to read more widely.


Enjoy revising!

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