Physics radiation

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Physics radiation

Low level Background radiation is everywhere. It irradiates and contaminates us. It comes from radioactive materials from:


Human activity (waste from nuclear power plants)

space (Sun)

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Physics radiation

Ionising radiation can be used for treating cancer.

- Beta particles are fired at cancer cells to kill the cells.

-Gamma rays can also be used to kill all living cells including cancer cells.

Ionising radiation can be used for detecting diseases using tracers

- A patient is given a radioactive source orally or by injection

- It is an imaging technique that uses Gamma rays

- They have a short halflife so the radioactivity inside the patient quicly disapears


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Physics radiation

Radioactive sources can be used in hospitals for some procedures

- to sterilize medical equiptment

- for protective clothing

- gloves

- devices to monitor exposure

Ionising radiation can sterilize food

-It kills the microbes

- It uses gamma rays but the food is not radioactive afterwards so it is safe to eat

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Physics radiation


is being exposed to radiation without coming into contact with it

- Beta is the most risky


is where you inhale, drink, eat or touch radiation

- Alpha is the most risky,

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Physics radiation

Radioactive particles knock electrons from atoms in your DNA. This denatures the DNA and can lead to cancer.

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Physics radiation

Employers in some industries have to take the ALARP apprach to risk management:






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