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Rate of change of velocity a=(v-u)/t

Braking Distance
Distance travelled by the car between the time of the brakes being applied
and the car stopping

Brittle Material
Does not have a plastic region, breaks at elastic limit

Centre of Gravity
The point where an object's entire weight appears…

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When the material does not return to original length/shape/size

Rate at which work is done (Energy/Time)

The normal force per unit cross sectional area p=F/A

Principle of Conservation of Energy
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed into other forms

Principle of Moments
Clockwise moments = anticlockwise…

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Ultimate Tensile Strength
Breaking stress for a material

Vector Quantity
A quantity with both magnitude and direction

The rate of change of displacement

The Watt
The transfer of energy of one joule per second

Work Done by a Force
Force x distance travelled in direction of force

Young's Modulus…


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