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Key terms
· Force something that can cause a change in
motion. It is measured in metres per seconds
squared (kg/ms-2).
· Displacement the shortest straight line
measurement between two points.
· Velocity (ms-1) the rate of change of
displacement or displacement ÷ time. It is
measured in metres per second.…read more

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Key terms
· Speed the time taken to travel a certain
distance or distance ÷ time
· Acceleration (ms-2) the rate of change of
velocity or the difference between the final
and initial velocities divided by the time taken.
Like force it is measured in metres per second
· Deceleration a negative change in velocity
over time (negative acceleration)…read more

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Vectors and Scalars
· Scalar a quantity that has a single dimension
· Vector a quantity that has two dimensions
(magnitude and direction)…read more

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Key terms
· Air resistance friction between a body and air
· Gravity the force of attraction between two
bodies; force pulls objects towards the centre
of the earth
· Inertia the reluctance to change the state of
motion…read more

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Key terms
· Momentum the quantity of motion of a body
Mass X Velocity = Momentum
· Ground reaction force the equal and opposite
force given to a performer who exerts
muscular force into the ground
· Impulse the effect of a force acting over a
period of time.
Force X Time = Impulse…read more


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