Matters of life and death key word acitvity

Fill in the blanks, good practice for learning key words

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Key words worksheet- Matters of life and death
Task-Complete the missing blanks to complete the meanings of the words
Immortality of the soul- the idea the soul lives on
Paranormal- which are thought to have
for example
Resurrection-The belief that , the body
when it is raised.
Reincarnation-The belief that , souls are
Near-death experience-When someone is
Abortion- from the womb before
Sanctity of life- The belief that
Assisted suicide- with the means to
Euthanasia- The painless killing of someone
Non-voluntary euthanasia- Ending someone's life when they are
unable to ask, but you have a
Quality of life- have some benefits for it to be
Voluntary euthanasia- Ending someone's life


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