Mass movement management

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Global issues earth hazards revision
Mass movement management
Short term
Evacuation of homes at risk in response to prior warnings of mass movement
Rescue workers help look for survivors after a mass movement event.
Long term
Draining water from vulnerable slopes in order to reduce the likelihood of
movement. Pipes installed in a slope or reduction in surface run off on land
Reduce deforestation/increase afforestation to reduce run off as trees
soak up water and intercept it meaning les soaks into the ground.
Land use planning not building on, above or below a vulnerable slope.
Prevention- rock bolts reinforce slopes. Steel rods are drilled through
different layers of rock in a slope, pinning the layers together, and
preventing slippage.
Predict- GPS monitors movements of slopes to predict major movements.
Predict- piezometers- bore holes drilled below a slope into the water table.
When a movement occurs in a slope, it puts pressure on the water table
raising its level and showing if a landslide will occur.



i have given this four stars. it lacks some detail but if you already know the basics about slope movement and can apply some of what you already to know to what is written here it gives a good grounding. it is also very easy to understand and i like to use of the green to highlight the main point. worth way more than the one start somebody has originally given it when i looked at it. 

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