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Deviance ­ A Marxist perspective


William Chambliss, Frank Pearce nad Loreen Sneider can all be seen to apply a Marxist
methodoligcal approach to the study of deviance. Being classical Marxists they largely see
crime emerging as a result of the relationship between the ruling and subject classes, and

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a great expansion in trade and commerce and these laws were required as a means of
protecting the wealth of the new ruling class from the evergwoing new industrial subhect
class. Sneider (1993) highlights the reluctance of states to pass laws regulating the free flow
of the economy which from…

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rational way of pursuing the American Dream, especially for those at the bottom of the
income ladder there develops a strong `dogeatdog' ethos. America is more likely to have
these forms of crime because they have a less substantial welfare system that many other
advanced capitalist societies such as Britain…


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