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Mains Electricity:

Alternating Current:

A Direct Current in a circuit is only in one direction.

An Alternating Current repeatedly reverses it direction. It flows in the positive
direction and then the negative direction in successive cycles. Its frequency is
the number of cycles that it passes through each second.


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Sockets are made of hard, stiff plastics with the wires inside.
The earth wire is connected to the ground at your home.


Plug have cases made from plastic as well because
it is an insulator.
The live, neutral and earth pins stick through the
The Earth pin is…

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Circuit Breakers:

A circuit breaker is an electromagnetic switch that opens if the current is above a
certain value. It can be easily reset and work faster than fuses.


Power(W) = Energy transformed(J) / Time(s)

The power supplied to an appliance is the energy transferred to it each second.…


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