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Sockets are made of hard, stiff plastics with the wires inside.
The earth wire is connected to the ground at your home.
Plug have cases made from plastic as well because
it is an insulator.
The live, neutral and earth pins stick through the
The Earth pin is the longest so when it is plugged
in, it earths the appliance first.
The pins are made from brass because it is a
conductor and doesn't rust or oxidise.…read more

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Circuit Breakers:
A circuit breaker is an electromagnetic switch that opens if the current is above a
certain value. It can be easily reset and work faster than fuses.
Power(W) = Energy transformed(J) / Time(s)
The power supplied to an appliance is the energy transferred to it each second.
Power(W) = Current(A) x Potential Difference(V)
P = I x V
Domestic Appliances are often fitted with either 3A, 5A or 13A fuses.…read more


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