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  • Love Through The Ages
    • Shakespeare
      • Romeo and Juliet
        • "Yet if thou swear'st/ Thou may prove false"
          • Juliet is self-assured and unconventionally knowledgeable about the motives of men
        • "if thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully"
          • Juliet proposes to Romeo, defying the social conventions and gender expectations of the time
        • familial love
          • Juliet/Nurse
          • Juliet/Tyblat
      • Taming Of the Shrew
        • "a women moved is like a fountain troubled/ Muddy, ill-seeming, thick, bereft of beauty"
          • Women shouldnt show or have emotion
        • "i am ashamed that women are so simple / to ask for war, where they should kneel for peace"
          • Women shouldn't fight the regime, instead they should fix into it
      • Othello
        • "my hearts subdued/even to the very quality of my lord" "commend me to my kind lord - o'farewell"
          • she submits to Othello authority, she truly loves him
        • "jealous souls.. are not ever jealous for the cause.. is a monster/begot upon itself, born on itself"
          • describes iagos jealousy and how Othello jealousy will feed itself. The personification of jealousy links it to the handkerchief.
        • Brabantio- "is of flood-gate and o'rtbearing nature/ that it engults and swallows other sorrow"
          • the intence emotion secribed in this speech foreshadows othellos outraged feelings when he believes he has been betrayed.
            • it is ironic how they are both linked by the language of loss they use. Like othelo, Brabantio dies grieving for his lost love
              • we are told Desdamonas marriage was "mortal to him"
    • John Donne
      • The Flea
        • "this flea is you and i, and this / out marriage bed and marriage temple is"
          • wants her to go against the values of the time- says their blood is already mixed together so they're practically married, so they should have sex.
      • Twickham Garden
        • "where none is true but shee, whos therefore true, because her truth kills mee"
          • paradoxical - "she" is true anf aithful to someone else, that is why he is miserable. HIs love is killing him because it isnt real
    • Andrew Marvell
      • To His Coy Mistress
        • "at my back I always hear/ Time's winged chariot hurrying near"
          • the narrator makes himself the victim, first of the lady's coyness and now of death. With death soon to knock on his door,, the narrator reminds his mistress of her inevitable death.
    • Phlip Larkin
      • This be the verse
        • "they **** you up, your mum and dad, they dont mean to but they do"
          • Family love-
            • they dont mean to, but they pass on their attributes and mistakes they made as a child onto you at birth
        • "man hands on misery to man"
          • no love, just misery
    • Thomas Hardy
      • Jane Eyre
        • "i am my husbands life, and he is mine"
          • unusual equality within their relationship
        • "and there was pleasure in my service"
          • Jane takes the stereotypical role of a wife but it is her choice, so although traditional, she is also feminist
    • Hendrik Ibsen
      • A Dolls House
        • "Deceiptful" the reputation of the mother is extremely important
        • "hundreds of women have"
          • many women have taken control of their lives challenging them
    • F. Scott Fitzgerald
      • ""even alone i cannot say i never love TOm.. It wouldn't be true"
        • Daisy still love Tom, despite having an affair with Gatsby
      • "but i always come back, and in my heart i love her all the time"
        • hes unfaithful to her but he still loves her
      • "but in her heart she never loved anyone except me!"
        • Gatsby is so in love with Daisy that he doesnt realize she love tom too
          • Obsessive love
    • Tennessee Williams
      • A Street Car Named Desire
        • "people dont see you - men dont- dont even admit your existence unless they are making love to you"
          • Blanche is opressed as a women, uses sexuality to gain influence
        • "but there are things that happen between a man and a woman in the dark"
          • Stella says with Stanley because of the lust and desire
      • The Glass Menagerie
        • "i judge you be an old-fashioned type of girl. well i think thats a pretty good type to be"
          • Jim intrudes into lauras life, consuming love
        • "[he laughs heartily. LAURA takes the glass uncertainly; laughs shyly.]
          • opposites attracting




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