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(1974)…read more

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Loftus and Palmer are attempting to
demonstrate that memory is not a factual
recording of an event
Memory can be distorted by other information
which occurs after the event
Previous research has demonstrated how
difficult it is for people to estimate numerical
details such as speed and distance- In relation to
eye witness testimonies
Eye witness testimonies are very important in
trials and can often be wrong…read more

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To investigate how information
supplied after an event,
influences a witnesses
memory for that event…read more

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The participants estimate of speed will
INCREASE with the degree of violence
suggested by the question concerning the car
Participants will be significantly more likely to
remember seeing broken glass if they have
previously been asked a question containing the
verb `smashed' than if they had the verb `Hit' or
no word.…read more

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Independent Variable =
The VERB used
Dependent Variable =
1) Speed Estimate
2) Whether participant believed they
saw glass…read more

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Two Laboratory Experiments
Independent Measures Design
Standardised Procedure…read more

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