Life Care Crossword

Life Care Crossword

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Life Care Crossword
2. Supports the organs and keeps you upright
7. One of the bodies responses to heat
8. This organ may be damaged by binge drinking
9. The process by which the woman gives birth
12. The site of gas exchange in the respiratory
13. A disease which may require treatment with
14. The kind of fat that is most bad for you
16. W______ Health Organisation
18. A small blood vessel
21. These are needed for movement
23. Can cause lung cancer and heart disease
24. The organ which pumps blood around the
25. This is a treatment that might be needed
for a sporting injury
26. This is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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1. The scientific name for breathing in
3. GP stands for this
4. A person who is first on the scene of
an accident to treat the victim
5. A person who delivers babies
6. These muscle spasms help to push the
baby out during birth
10. Care when a woman is pregnant
eg, providing classes and looking
after the health of the mother
11. National Health _______
15. A________ and Emergency
17.…read more


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