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Liberal Italy (18701922)
The unification of Italy ("Risorgimento").
Italy was only unified in 1870 after decades of warfare between rival Italian states and
foreign nations. It was finally unified with the conquest of the Papal States by Italian forces
(led by the King of Piedmont). It was initiated by Garribaldi.…

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employment of children under the age of 12
Cuts taxes on basic foods
Antimalarial drugs made available for free
Government expenditure increases by 50% on public schemes e.g. improving roads,
water supplies
2. Labour disputes
Policy of "neutrality" instead of using police/army to suppress the workers, the
government stayed neutral…

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Workers' welfare improved Employees granted one day off per week and the
employment of children under 12 was outlawed income per head (taking into account
inflation) was 1900 lire in 1895 and 2500 lire in 1915
Expenditure on public works increased by 1907, the state was spending over
50% more…


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