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Student Information
Tuesday 2.11.10
Lesson 4 and 5
Go to GetRevising.com
Sign up for the study group named "Bradford Catholic Sixth Form - A2 Biology 2010-11"
Download exam papers ­ Photosynthesis Qs part 1 Question book
Timed Questions for exam practice Use the questions and set yourself 40 minutes to complete.
Choose 1 or 2 questions after completion and attempt to write your own markscheme.
Download the grade guidance sheet- "Self and Peer Assessment AS/A2 Info"
Grade Descriptors for project and written content
Use this sheet to design a joint presentation on the work so far using any method or media type.
Groups are as follows:
1. Kerry & Christian
2. Robert & Rebecca
3. Esa & Crystal
The group presentations will be reviewed next week. YOU must clearly demonstrate your
knowledge and understanding.
The other side to the presentation is as follows:
1. You must smuggle at least 5 pieces of false information within the presentation to see if the
others can spot it.
2. You must cover the following topics ­ ATP, Respiration and Photosynthesis.
3. You must have a clear theme.


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