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Language and Gender…read more

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Zimmerman and West
· Women use fillers as a sign of collaborative
· Men use fillers less, and as a sign of
· Men interrupt more than women…read more

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(Was in the 80's around the time of Thatcher-
women power, and pre-PC)
· Hedges and tags are features of linguistic
· Women use super-polite forms, tags, hedges
and empty adjectives…read more

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· Women give lower rates of interruption, with
an unrelated topic
· Minimal responses by women for feedback
· Minimal responses by men show lack of
interest…read more

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Poynton and West
· Women use informal and friendly terms of
· Men hold power balance…read more

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· Girls use more mitigated directives to involve
people, "let's" "we could"
· Boys use more aggravated and explicit
directives "get off"…read more

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