Language and Sexuality Theorists

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  • Sexuality Theory
    • Lavender Linguistics - the study of language used by the LGBTQplus community
    • Polari
      • language variety, sociolect, anti-language
      • 2010 - labelled an endangered language
    • Pronouns
      • SWEDEN introduced gender neutral pronouns
      • ENGLAND "ze" and "thon" (1858) used informally when gender is unknown or unclear
      • encouraged by the LGBT community
      • 2012 - Brighton - term Mx (Mixter) proposed for use by the local council
    • Bill Leap - US
      • LGBT communicate with each other in ways that are "different from the linguistic practises of non-lesbian/gay" - identified pronouns
    • Paul Baker - the Guardian
      • Research shows that language is generally characterised by acronyms, play on words, double meaning, specialised codeed lexis
      • Often words describe male appearance or relate to sexual practises
    • Lackoff (1975)
      • Makes reference to the creation of identity through language of sexuality but is not expicit
      • compares gay male speech to women's and argues that men consciously and deliberately imitate these traits


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