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KS4 Radioactivity
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Background radiation
Background radiation is the radiation all around us.
Working in pairs try to think of five possible
sources of background radiation.
You have FIVE minutes!!
Rocks Air
Building materials
Outer space
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Background radiation is higher in some places than in
others, it depends where you are on the Earth's surface.
Task: The sources of radiation Percentage of
for a location are shown. Source total radiation
a) Draw a pie chart of this Rocks 55%
Air 25%
b) Which source of radiation Cosmic 15%
is the largest? Building materials 5%
c) Suggest three possible
ways radiation could get
into the air.
d) Try to identify areas of high
radioactivity. ?
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Marie Curie
Marie Curie was a famous scientist.
Try to find out about her life.
When and where did she live?
What work she did do?
What problems did she had to
What famous prizes she was
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Safety first
There are several types of radiation. They differ in what
effects they have and their nature.
All radioactive sources must be handled safely.
Do you know what the hazard symbol for radiation is?
As well as the normal laboratory safety instructions you follow
are there any extra rules concerning radioactivity?
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Springfield Nuclear
Power Plant Safety
Any employee who fails to adhere Rules:
to the rules below will be suspended:
1. Do not handle radioactive sources directly use tongs or a robotic arm.
2. Never point a radioactive source at a fellow worker or yourself.
3. When not in use store radioactive sources in lead-lined containers.
4. Always wear radiation protection suits.
5. Radiation badges should be worn to record exposure to radiation.
Mr. Burnz
Working in pairs write down the three safety rules from above that
would be most relevant in your school saying why you chose them.
Also say which safety rule you think is the most important and why.
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lisa linsdell


Good revision aid for radiation. Uses Boardworks which includes tasks, some of which are designed for use inside the classroom. Nevertheless, there are suitable questions to check understanding.



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