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Kosher Food Laws Meat can be eaten soon after milk Levels of Observance:
produce if the mouth and hands are To the Orthodox Jew they are a reminder
All food laws are listed in Leviticus 11 cleaned. This doesn't apply to hard of the Jewish distinctiveness, and they
and Deuteronomy 14. cheese. demonstrate that the food and body are
Insects for forbidden except for the A hard substance like bread should be given by G-d who calls for holiness in His
grasshopper and locusts, those that hop chewed to remove the taste of the milk. people.
All eggs of permitted birds may be eaten, The mitzvot observance is important to For Reform Jews the levels of
however, if the egg contains a spot of Jews, as kosher food laws are the best observance is declining because they
blood it must be thrown away as it example of how Jews observe biblical believe that Kashrut isn't vital and can in
become treifah laws on a practical and every-day basis. fact restrict or hinder the true religious
The blood is recognised as the life of an These laws set them apart from the other experience.
animal, and all life is recognized as given peoples, the laws sanctify the Jews. They believe that it should only be
by G-d. observed when it encourages self-
There was once an ancient custom of The Purpose of Kosher Food Laws: discipline and a sense of Jewish identity.
collecting the life-blood in a bowl and The main purpose is to discipline the
splashing it onto the alter as a way of Jewish people towards holiness, and is Kosher ­ cow, sheep and goat.
giving life back to G-d. stated in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy Treifah ­ pig, camel and horse.
Animals and birds of the right type may 14.
become treifah if they have defective The complex pattern of the mitzvah as Fish that have scales and fins are
organs, and certain parts of animals are seen in the food laws is not required by kosher.
forbidden, such as the fat below the all people, but is required of the people of
diaphragm and the sciatic nerve. G-d. Kosher ­ place, cod and herring.
The fat is forbidden because it was By keeping the food laws Jews Treifah ­ eels, squid and octopus.
originally used to burning on the alter, demonstrate their belief in G-d and the
and the sciatic nerve is forbidden laws are a way of distinguishing Jews as Birds that are and are not kosher.
because of the Torah story in which the chosen people. It helps to provide the
Jacob fought all night with G-d. nation with a sense of identity and Kosher ­ chicken, turkey and duck.
Because it is difficult to extract the sciatic belonging. Treifah ­ owl, eagle and pheasant.
nerve from the thigh, the whole By observing these laws, Jews can show
hindquarters of the animal are thrown their commitment to G-d's demands at
away. the most fundamental of their existence
`You shall not boil a child in its mother's as food is necessary for the human to
milk' this means that meat and milk may survive.
not be boiled together, or eaten together Traditional, food laws provide a secure
and that no benefit can be derived from health structure during the days of the
such a mixture. wilderness wandering, and even with the
After eating meat a time limit of at least 3 modern technology the food laws provide
hours is needed before milky products a practical way to ensure that disease
can be eaten because meat may cling to from food is kept to a minimum.
the teeth and take longer to digest.


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