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The kidney has three functions:
­ To remove urea and other waste substances from the blood
­ To control the amount of ions in the blood
­ To control the water content of the blood

A healthy kidney produces urine by:
- first filtering the blood
- reabsorbing all…

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If the kidneys don't work properly waste substances will build up in the blood and you will be unable
to control the levels of ions and water in the body. This will eventually lead to death.
People with kidney failure can be kept alive by having kidney dialysis or a…

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An alternative to this is a kidney transplant ­ this is the only cure for kidney disease. Healthy kidneys are
either transplanted from dead people on the organ donation register or living people e.g. a relative as we
have 2 kidneys.
­ A donated kidney can be rejected by the…


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