The kidney,nephron,and menstrual cycle

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  • B3 Topic 1
    • The urinary system
      • The role is to produce store and remove urine
      • The major organ of the urinary system is the kidney
        • Kidney transplants or kidney dialysis are two treatments for kidney failure
      • The bodys two kidneys remove excess water and urea
      • Three stages of working of the kidney are,filtration,selective reabsorbtion,and excretion of waste
    • The nephron is the function unit of the kidney,each kidney contains around a million of them each nephron drains into a collecting duct
      • If blood water level to low the salt concentration is high so more ADH is released meaning more water is reabsorberd so there is only a small amount of concentated urine
        • Blood water leavel to high,meaning salt concentration is low,leass ADH absorbed into blood by the pituitary gland so there is a large amount of dilute urine
    • The amount of water reabsorbed by the kidneys is contolled by adh in the pituitary gland
    • The role of ADH in the kidney is an example of negative feedback
    • ADH affects the permeability of water tubules


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