Kidney Dialysis


Kidney Dialysis


  • No immunosuppresent drugs need to be taken
  • Can be carried out at home.
  • More readily available than a transplant.
  • Don't have to take any medication.
  • Gives time for somebody waiting for a transplant.
  • There isn't any risk as an operation isn't involved.


  • Has to be completed three times a week, which can be inconvenient as they take 3-4 hours to be completed.
  • Not a pleasant experience.
  • Expensive on the NHS.
  • Can cause blood clots and infection.
  • Isn't a cure it is only a treatment.
  • Have to have a restricted diet and lifestyle.


For the short-term this is an effective treatment that works like an ordinary kidney. This gives you time for when you are waiting for a kidney transplant. Yet it is inconvenient it enables you to live longer than you would without it as if the kidney doesn't function properly toxic substances aren't removed from your blood. 


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