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Iqraa Bibi
The different treatments of kidney failure and their advantages and disadvantages
Kidney failure may occur due to toxic substances accumulating in the blood. The kidney's function is to
remove toxic substances in the blood. However, if the kidneys aren't working properly, waste substances
may build up and you may lose the ability to control the levels of ions and water, eventually resulting in
death. Luckily, there is a possible treatment and a cure: having kidney dialysis treatment or a kidney
Kidney dialysis machines filter the blood and remove unwanted waste. There are many advantages of
using this treatment. It can help maintain a longer living, quality life. Also, if a patient owns a dialysis
machine, no trips to the hospital are required. The fluid in kidney dialysis ensures that glucose and useful
mineral ions are not lost.
Unfortunately, there are some side effects which include: headaches, nausea and vomiting. There are
some severe disadvantages: depression. The purpose of the kidney dialysis machine is to help improve the
quality of life. On the other hand, depression is a con of this treatment as depression can lead to negative
things: taking medicines and pills and, in some extreme cases, suicide. Kidney dialysis treatment can give you
muscle cramps which can limit your daily physical activity. You can also risk infection and using a kidney
dialysis machine means that your life revolves around it. Furthermore, there are some diet restrictions.
If the kidney dialysis treatment isn't right (as the kidney failure has become so severe), then a kidney
transplant may be the alternative option. Healthy kidneys are usually on an organ donor register and can be
used to help save lives.
There are several advantages of getting a kidney transplant. A transplant works like a normal kidney. Many
people, after having a kidney transplant, restore normal health soon after and continue to lead a dull life,
which includes things like getting themselves back to work. You, also, have fewer diet restrictions, especially
on fluid intake which means you can feel more like yourself and live life to its' fullest. Kidney transplants,
generally, gives a positive impact on life and your quality of life will improve.
There are some disadvantages to kidney transplantation. Following the procedure, immediate pain and
discomfort can occur. There is also a risk of rejection. There is no 100% guarantee that the patient's body
will accept the kidney. Consequently, this means that the patient will have to take anti-rejection drugs all their
life. These drugs will suppress your immune system resulting in the patient becoming prone to illnesses and
To conclude, both, the treatment and cure are effective in their own ways. However, I think that having a
kidney transplant is better because there are more advantages and after having a transplant patients lead a
fuller life.


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