Key Tudor Dates To Learn

These are the main dates to learn for the Tudor part of the exam, those coloured in blue are for the interpretations part of the exam

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Date Event Detail
1509 Henry VIII crowned
1525 Cromwell alter way Council Appointed Rowland Lee as Lord President of Council >
in Marches and Wales aim to bring law and order to region + force Wales to be
worked divided into counties like England + hear court cases +
demand taxes + carry out royal proclamations
1529 Fall of Thomas Wolsey Unable to obtain annulment, antiWolsey faction
pressured henry, accused of answering to Pope before
King, Parliament didn't like him as he was a cleric
1529 Reformation parliament Go from King and Parliament (work separately + P only
36 meet used for raising money) to King in Parliament (work
together + P used to pass acts to get annulment + more
involvement in religion)
1533 Act Against Appeals to Rome People can't appeal to Rome on religious matters
1534 Act of Supremacy King = head of state AND church
1535 Valor Ecclesiasticus Valuation + visitations of monasteries to find wealth
1536 Court of Augmentations set Managed estates and finances of exmonastic lands
1536 Ten Articles Set of beliefs with Protestant features
1536 Pilgrimage of Grace Lincolnshire rising ­ 10,000 + representative of crown
murdered > Yorkshire rising ­ 40,000 led by Aske +
negotiated with King (not keep promises later) > Sir
Francis Bigdod's revolt ­ no followers + failed
1536 Dissolution of monasteries Monasteries destroyed
1539 Six Articles Get rid of Protestant features
1540 Fall of Thomas Cromwell Made henry marry Anne of Cleves, Duke of Norfolk gain
influence over King + say that Cromwell contemplating
treason + encouraged heresy + wanted more power
than the King
1547 Edward VI crowned
1547 Treason Act Treason to deny King's supremacy or deprive the King or
his successors of their titles
1549 First Book of Common Prayer Cranmer wrote compromise > pleased no one
+ First Act of Uniformity Uniformity enforced book on everyone
1549 Western / Prayer Book + W not like new protestant practices + want Six Articles
Kett's rebellions back in motion > gentry lost grip on counties >
government try to find peaceful settlement > defeat
rebels (3000 killed without trial)
K opposed to enclosure + increased rent prices > broke
enclosure fences > 16000 supporters > government
offered pardon for those who dispersed >Somerset
sent army > 3000 killed + Kett arrested
1552 Second Book of Common Cranmer wrote very Protestant book
Prayer + Second Act of Uniformity enforced book on everyone + had to attend
Uniformity Church of England services
1553 Mary I crowned
1555 Cardinal Pole restore England Pope = head of church again (Catholic)
to papal supremacy

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Protestant burnings Mary burned over 300 Protestants for heresy (had
58 begun with just making an example of few radicals like
Latimer, Ridley + Cranmer)
1558 Elizabeth I crowned
1559 Act of Supremacy + Act of Monarch = head of state AND church again
Uniformity Uniformity enforced this
1560s New draperies take over Led to landowners enclosing land for sheep wool so
wool trade wool prices rise
1563 Thirty Nice Articles Statement of faith > similar to Cramer's 42 Articles >
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