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The Liberals and Welfare
Key Facts for the British Society
Exam…read more

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The Government Parties
· Labour Party
Represented the working class voters
Set up in 1900
53 MPs elected in 1906
· Conservative Party
Represented the traditional middle and upper class and found it
difficult to appeal to the working class as well
They believed in Laissez- faire
20 years straight of a conservative government before 1906
· Liberal Party
Opposed Laissez-faire and that helped them win by a landslide in
They wanted this to be a party of reform
MPs included Lloyd George and Churchill both had passionate
views and personalities…read more

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What was it like? Who helped them?
· The Poverty was used to measure how · The government believed in
poor people were Lasses- Faire and there was no
· In some places it was found that 43% welfare state (benefits/retirement
of people lived under the poverty line homes)
· During the Boer War 40% of men · It was their fault they were poor
were classed as unfit to fight according to some people
· Many families were poorly fed, · They had to rely on charities
clothed and housed even though they · Workhouses were where the
sent their kids to work instead of extremely poor ended up and they
school would be mocked and had a high
· There was no care service for the probability that the would be split
elderly form their families. Workhouses
· London's east end was the poorest provided work, shelter, food and
area in the country clothing however, the condition
were very harsh…read more

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Why Introduce Welfare Reforms?
· Pressure on the government many people
living in poverty and died before 50
· Attitudes were changing MPs like Churchill
and Lloyd George actually wanted to help out
· To Win votes It was harder to be rich than it
was poor and many men in the lower class had
the right to vote
· Military many men were rejected from joining
the army as they were unfit. If this continued, it
would leave Britain defenceless and a target…read more

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Liberal Reforms and Children
· 1906 Free school meals provided for the poorest
· 1907 School medical checks once a year to
reduce young death
· 1912 hospital treatment paid for
· 1914 150,000 children received the meals but
only half the local authorities could provide
them…read more

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Children's Charter
· A collection of measures introduced in 1908 to
protect kids
· Selling tobacco, alcohol or fireworks to children
under 16 was illegal
· Working hours were limited as they needed to go
to school
· Parents could be charged with "neglect"
· Borstals were set up for criminal kids to keep
then away form adult criminals they has
separate courts and prisons…read more

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