Just war


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Just war
Christian attitudes to war
Pacifism= non-violent struggle to achieve Christian goals
Holy war= the belief that war can advance Gods will
Just war= war is at best a necessary resource whose conduct should be governed by rules
Historically linked with early Christianity
Still a major strand in Christian thought
Holy war
Linked with crusades
Has no credibility amongst Christians to day
Just war
Historically linked with the rise of Christendom
Still a major strand in Christian thought
St Augustine- only reason to go to war is a desire for peace
St Thomas Aquinas developed the Christian doctrine of just war
He laid out the following conditions:
1. Declared by the sovereign
2. Just cause- those attached should deserve this
3. Right intention- the advancement of good or avoidance of evil
Just war criteria
1. Just cause and right intention
2. Declared by lawful authority
3. Last resort
4. Reasonable chance of success
5. Innocents should not be harmed
6. Only appropriate force should be used


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