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The Judiciary and Civil Liberties
Revision from 3rd Edition…read more

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The nature of the Judiciary
· There are two definitions of the judiciary:
- Includes all those officials who are concerned
with the dispensation of justice within the legal
- Includes only those judges who are directly
involved in the process of law making and
politics…read more

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Types of Judges
· Lay magistrates: part-time, hear minor criminal
cases and decide whether or not to grant bail
· Stipendiary magistrates: full-time lawyers
· Crown court: full-time judges, mostly former
· Tribunal Officials: lawyers or experts in a
particular field
· High Court Judges: senior judges
· Appeal Courts: very senior judges
· The Supreme Court: the most senior judges: 12…read more

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Political role
It can be seen that the vast majority of the
judiciary has very little impact on politics. It's main
task is administering justice, but there are some
cases of political significance. These roles include:
· Dispensing Justice · Judicial review
· Interpretation · Public inquiries
· Creating case law · External Jurisdiction
· Declaring common law · Sentencing Issues…read more

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Dispensing Justice
· The lower courts play a vital role in ensuring
that legal justice is delivered. This implies that
all citizens should be treated equally under
the law and that the law is applied to them in
a fair way. Trials and hearings should all be
conducted in a way that ensures that all
parties gain a fair hearing and the law is
applied without prejudice.…read more

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· The precise meaning of a statute is often
unclear. There will always be circumstances
where those in court come into conflict with
the meaning of a law. In these cases it is the
job of judges to provide an interpretation of
that law. Where the law applies to the powers
of government or one of its agencies, this can
have great public significance.…read more

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